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特定非営利活動法人 日本顎咬合学会

- 35th Anniversary Meeting to Transmit Wisdom and Soar in the Future -

Akira Uehama, President
Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry

 The board of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry would like to express our gratitude for the holding of the 35th general meeting of the Academy at the Tokyo International Forum.
 The number of members has been annually increasing to 9,008 members (as of July 21, 2016), meanwhile the Academy has evolved into a society consisting of the leading dental professionals affiliated with the certification committees of the Japanese Association for Dental Science.
 I would like to pay my respects to Dr. Sumiya Hobo, the former chairpersons, the board, and the directors, who with their lofty spirit and ability to take action with foresight, led the Academy to become a leading dental society in Japan.
Through the "New Science of Occlusion"-the action policy of the last five years proposed by former chairperson Takashi Watanabe, we have advocated the importance of "eating by mouth and chewing throughout the life course" and stressed the importance of nurturing, maintaining, reconstructing (if necessary), and managing occlusion and mastication to achieve such a goal. This is in line with Article 3 (Purpose) of the Articles of the Academy. As a result, "Occlusion Will Change Your Life" (Shogakukan 101 Shinsho) was published and later translated and published in Taiwan. It has been picked up by the mass media, creating the perfect opportunity for people to know about the Academy and its activities. I believe that this is good news for all members.
 As we reach our 35th year, in addition to the conventional activities of the Academy, all directors are striving to lead the Academy to hold memorial scientific meetings and ceremonies and issue commemorative journals.
The main theme of the 35th meeting is "The New Science of Occlusion-Contributing to the Health and Happiness of People." Based on our past, present, and future activities as dental care professionals, we aim to hold a meeting that will contribute to the health and happiness of people.
It is our hope that not only will members (dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists) work together, but also supporting members (companies, other societies, specialized medical occupations, educational institutions, and the government) join us to organize a meeting aimed at "Japan as the Healthiest and Happiest Country in the World."
Prof. Christian S. Stohler (senior vice president of Columbia University Medical Center and dean of the Columbia University College of Dental Medicine) is invited to give a special lecture. In addition to holding special lectures such as "Learning from the Wisdom of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry," "Academy of Clinical Dentistry Soaring in the Future based on the Gathering of Wisdom of the New Science of Occlusion," "Oral Care and Rehabilitation Will Save Japan," the meeting will be packed with presentations that will be useful for clinical practice.
The popular table clinics held each year are led by prominent members. This time, we have also planned a "fundamentals series" intended for young clinicians. It is a wonderful gift of knowledge and techniques to clinicians in the fifth year following graduation.
Participation in wonderful academic conferences, lifelong learning (passive training) consisting of listening to lectures to obtain new knowledge and skills is important. It is even more important to be actively engaged in clinical research and report the results (active training) through oral and poster presentations, and this is starting to become a criterion for patients to select a dental clinic.
Because this year is a memorial meeting, participation will be open to non-member dentists.
All directors hope to see you at the Tokyo International Forum.
We will continue to promote our aim to be "cheerful, trusted, and respected dental care professionals who lead healthy lives" as the goal of the activities of the Academy. Your continued assistance and participation will be highly appreciated.
 Finally, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the directors, program committee members, and meeting secretariat, who have made all efforts to plan, design, and prepare the program from approximately two years ago, based on our five-year plan.

Akira Uehama, President, Academy of Clinical Dentistry

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