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特定非営利活動法人 日本顎咬合学会

2017.6.10 Sat. 2017.6.11 Sun.
All Main Program Hall B7 Right Side Table Clinic
・Main Program
Hall C Hall B7 Left Side Hall B5 Imperial Palace Side Hall B5 Glass Hall Side Glass Hall G701
Glass Hall G502 Glass Hall G510 Glass Hall G409 Seminar Room 1 Seminar Room 2
Keywords :

>>> 2016.6.10 sat >>> Main Program

Hall C

  9:30 〜 12:00

Christian S.Stohler

Chairman : Akira Uehama

  13:30 〜 16:30

Consideration of oral health care from make-up
Kazuyuki Ikeyama (60 min.)

Eating function therapy by a family dentist
Koichiro Ueda (60 min.)

Do we have a passion for and faith in oral health care!?
Takeyoshi Yoneyama (60 min.)

Chairman : Koji Iwasaki

Hall B7 Left

  13:30 〜 16:30

The shape of the palate is a mirror reflecting oral functions
Junichi Masuda (60 min.)

Development and delay of masticatory function during infancy: Importance of observation
Yasuo Tamura (60 min.)

Oral function and eating support
From a clinic to the local community
Shoji Hironaka (60 min.)

Chairman : Akinobu Tanaka

Hall B5 Imperial Palace Side

  13:30 〜 16:30

Clinical guidelines for temporomandibular joint disorder: For the better understanding
Masashi Sugisaki (60 min.)

A need of psychosomatic dentistry: particularly psychosocial factors for TMJ disorder patients
Katsushi Tamaki (60 min.)

Standard treatment for temporomandibular joint disorder
From examination diagnosis to the treatment
Koichi Wajima (60 min.)

Chairman : Yoshinori Kobayashi

Hall B5 Glass Hall Side

  13:30 〜 16:30

CAD/CAM restorations
Things to consider to improve fitness
Takanori Momozono (60 min.)

How to decide an occlusal plane for functional and efficient mandibular and maxillary movements
Katsutoshi Matsumoto (60 min.)

Things to know in order to successfully perform occlusal reconstruction
Kiyokazu Minami (60 min.)

Chairman : Toshio Tonouchi

Glass Hall G502

  13:30 〜 16:30

Endodontic treatment: some parts change and some other parts do not
Satoshi Kuratomi (60 min.)

Learning endodontic treatment from failure
Mistakes and technical errors in diagnosis
Kazuhiro Fukinishi (60 min.)

Mastering clinical endodontics
Jun Hirai (60 min.)

Chairman : Koichi Yoshikawa

Glass Hall G510

  13:30 〜 16:30

Takanori Aoyama

Ryusuke Saito

Daiju Yokoyama

Masato Hashimoto

Kenji Matsumura

Ryosuke Matsuki

Chairman : Akihiro Kuroiwa


  13:30 〜 16:30

Learning about the partial denture from its history
Hisashi Suzuki (25 min.)

Prosthesis for missing teeth using a partial denture
Aiming for less movable denture
Naomi Kanzaki (25 min.)

Dental technology of mind
Tetsu Kawashima (25 min.)

Pursuing the passion
Masayuki Shimizu (25 min.)

Gnathological concept in the interdisciplinary approach
Yusaku Ito (25 min.)

Chairman : Takashi Watanabe

Glass Hall G701

  13:30 〜 16:30

Intraoral and extraoral examinations by a dental hygienist in a clinical setting
Yoshie Usui (60 min.)

Do not overlook oral cancer!
Takahiko Shibahara (80 min.)

Chairman : Keiko Murakami

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