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特定非営利活動法人 日本顎咬合学会

2017.6.10 Sat. 2017.6.11 Sun.
All Main Program Hall B7 Right Side Table Clinic
Keywords :

>>> 2016.6.11 sun >>> Hall B7 Right Side

Hall B7 Right

  9:30 〜 10:40

Abutment construction using fiber post
Kenji Ichimura (70 min.)

The essentials of partial denture
Yuko Watanabe (70 min.)

Determinants of implant placement depth
Kenichi Tanaka (70 min.)

  11:10 〜 12:20

The first step to esthetic restoration
Yumiko Amakawa (70 min.)

Complete denture treatment learned from patients
Denture morphology estimated from treatment denture
Yasuhiro Shiraishi (70 min.)

Applying orthodontic treatment to general clinical practice
Hiroshige Matsuzaki (70 min.)

  13:30 〜 14:40

Basic science for clinical caries prevention
Yasui Toshikazu (70 min.)

Biomimetic approach in direct restorations
Tetsuji Aoshima (70 min.)

Learning basic skills: Abutment construction and impression
Kenji Sakurai (70 min.)

  15:10 〜 16:20

Diagnosis and treatment of deciduous teeth trauma and its prognosis
Toshiaki Hashimoto (70 min.)

Recommendation of occlusal adjustment of dentures
Suzuki Hiroki (70 min.)

What should we do now? (Oral surgery)
Shuhei Sumiyoshi (70 min.)

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