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特定非営利活動法人 日本顎咬合学会

2017.6.10 Sat. 2017.6.11 Sun.
All Main Program Hall B7 Right Side Table Clinic
・Main Program
Hall C Hall B7 Left Side Hall B5 Imperial Palace Side Hall B5 Glass Hall Side Glass Hall G701
Glass Hall G502 Glass Hall G510 Glass Hall G409 Seminar Room 1 Seminar Room 2
Keywords :

>>> 2016.6.11 sun >>> Main Program

Hall C

  9:15 〜 12:00

Teamwork and communication in clinical settings
Coming face to face with patient
Mariko Hamada (55 min.)

Law of happiness I want to share with you
Haruhiro Kinoshita (55 min.)

“Hospitality” required in clinical settings
Miwako Tomisawa (55 min.)

Chairman : Ken Ishihara

  13:15 〜 16:30

Akira Uehama (15 min.)

Kayoko Yui (25 min.)

Nobuhiro Taguchi (40 min.)

Chairman :
Hall B7 Left

  9:15 〜 12:00

Aiming for esthetic and functional harmony in complex prosthetic treatments
Kenji Tsuchiya (55 min.)

Occlusion: How to understand and how to provide
Akihiro Kuroiwa (55 min.)

Occlusal reconstruction to achieve longevity: Endless challenge against parafunction
Hideaki Ueda (55 min.)

Chairman : Hiroyasu Sugano

  12:10 〜 13:00

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

Reviewing basic issues of periodontal treatments
From basic periodontal treatment to maintenance
Toshihiro Nakajima (65 min.)

How to inform the first step to preserve teeth
Kenji Wakabayashi (65 min.)

Reviewing occlusal trauma
Satoshi Sekino (65 min.)

Chairman : Waichi Kobayashi

Hall B5 Imperial Palace Side

  9:15 〜 12:00

  13:15 〜 16:30

Chairman :
Hall B5 Glass Hall Side

  9:15 〜 12:00

Effective procedures of basic periodontal treatment
Yuko Shimoda (55 min.)

Clinical tips for the higher level practice
Tetsuya Mizukami (55 min.)

Reviewing basic periodontal treatment—lessons from teamwork practices
Yoshiaki Hasegawa (55 min.)

Chairman : Kazuhito Shiraishi

  12:10 〜 13:00

Nobuya Kitahara

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

For surer efficient endodontic treatment
Ryosuke Matsuki (65 min.)

Basic principles for the betterment of accuracy of endodontic treatments
Hideo Kimura (65 min.)

Pursuing the formula for ideal root canal preparation
Keiso Takahashi (65 min.)

Chairman : Toshikazu Akashi

Glass Hall G502

  9:15 〜 12:00

Assessment of the need for orthodontic treatment
Akihiko Kaji (55 min.)

Orthodontic diagnosis and treatment methods necessary for occlusal reconstruction
Kiyonobu Saburi (55 min.)

Roles and needs of orthodontics as part of occlusal treatment
Akio Ishii (55 min.)

Chairman : Maokoto Ukai

  12:10 〜 13:00

Yusaku Itou

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

The New Concept of Esthetic Digital Implant Dentistry !
Tsunehiko Yamashita (65 min.)

How to utilize data obtained from digital devices in clinical settings
Kazuhiro Umehara (65 min.)

Possibilities for digital dentistry
Toyokazu Chiba (65 min.)

Chairman : Shoichi Yano

Glass Hall G510

  9:15 〜 12:00

Wholesome management of dental clinics under limitations of capitalism and the national health care system
Tomoya Kubota (50 min.)

“Dentistry” is the key to the revival of Japan
Social contribution of dental care
Hideto Takahashi (80 min.)

Chairman : Takahisa Akada

  12:10 〜 13:00

Katsuhiro Horiuchi

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

Pediatric dentistry for general dental practitioners
From the initial consultation to occlusal guidance
Akinobu Tanaka (65 min.)

Safe and secure clinical pediatric dentistry
Treatments associated with dental caries
Seiko Shintani (65 min.)

New dental care introduced from pediatric dentistry
Satoshi Fukumoto (65 min.)

Chairman : Ryoko Yamaji


  9:15 〜 12:00

Consolidated principle of clinical occlusion: occlusion is a design of how the mandibular and maxillary teeth
Masahiro Kuwata (25 min.)

Evaluating validity of treatments from long-term cases
Masakazu Soejima (25 min.)

Forty-five years of being a dental technician
My life and my story during this period
Katsumi Tamura (25 min.)

A technique to treat a periodontal pocket of 6mm or greater using a basic method
Takeo Taniguchi (25 min.)

Science knowledge experience and technology
Diagnose with science and express with technology
Teruko Tsutsui (25 min.)

Chairman : Tsutomu Tawaragi

  12:10 〜 13:00

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

Predictable and unpredictable future of dental society from 25 years of activities in administration of Japan Dental Association
The Academy of Clinical Dentistry to support and lead the Japanese dental care services and change the dental society
Akira Tomino (25 min.)

Problem oriented system and treatment plan
Mitsuru Nakano (25 min.)

Complete denture treatments based on intelligence of pioneers and their practices
Junzo Nakamura (25 min.)

Practicing science of occlusion based on dental and scientific values
Hiroshi Hosoyama (25 min.)

Predicting the future by examining past and present occlusions
Masaaki Honda (25 min.)

Management of complex occlusion
Masao Yamazaki (25 min.)

Chairman : Tomoya Kubota

Glass Hall G701

  9:15 〜 12:00

Complete denture treatments based on physiological functions—consideration for closed mouth impression and bite registration
Kunio Yoshiki (50 min.)

From fabrication of full denture to full denture treatment reviving patient’s inherent function and senses
Kozo Fukamizu (50 min.)

A collective view of complete denture in clinical practice
Shunsuke Mizuguchi (50 min.)

Chairman : Kan Hasegawa

  12:10 〜 13:00

Deture plaque and denture cleansers
Hiroki Nikawa (50 min.)

Chairman :
  13:15 〜 16:30

Knowing “the muscular force”
Once you see it the maintenance will change
Masakazu Matsushima (90 min.)

What we learn from the mastication pattern test: On mastication and eating
Aiko Takamori (40 min.)

Akiko Kobayashi (40 min.)

Chairman : Yukari Kagiwada

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