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Greetings from Hideaki Ueda






Greetings from the President

The Academy of Clinical Dentistry (NPO)

Dr. Hideaki Ueda, President
Hideaki Ueda

Welcome to the Academy of Clinical Dentistry (ACD). I am delighted to accede the presidency as the 14th president of ACD. To live up to such an undeserved honor, I will put my utmost effort in further developing ACD. To the members of ACD, please let me humbly ask for further participation and support.

This association, lead by clinicians including the defunct Sumiya Hobo, emerged pursuing clinical dentistry and has become one of the biggest clinical dentistsf association (with 8,681 members as of July 31st, 2017). Now the dental professional members (dentists, dental technicians, dental hygienists) do not only promote oral health in the daily clinical settings, but also through educational activities at various scenes.

Gnathology and occlusal studies tackle the issues concerning anatomy, function, physiology and pathology of stomatognathic system and were defined in the founding period as a scientific discipline to assess, diagnose, and carry out treatment of the stomatognathic system based on treatment plans. In addition, the discipline has been augmented with other elements including biochemistry, nutriology, regenerative medicine, etc; as such, it has evolved from traditional dental province to more comprehensive oral and stomatognathic medicine, centering gocclusal medicineh.

gNeo-Gnathologyh propounded in 2012, whose seeds were laid by Dr. Watanabe, a former president of ACD, and bore fruit during the term of Dr. Uehama, my predecessor. During this period, our activities were covered by the mainstream media, and ACD has reached out to the public and actively publicized importance of oral health\more specifically, importance of chewing and eating throughout onefs life for healthy aging and longevity. Still, there remains a long way as a relationship between systemic and oral functions needs further investigation, which requires interdisciplinary approach beyond medicine. Hence, we have stipulated gTrue Gnathologyh as next 5 yearfs agenda, succeeding gNeo-Gnathologyh. Our fellow members should put utmost effort in understanding and clinically applying the quintessence of ACD and communicate cordiality of ACD with the nationals, who in turn may value and share the said quintessence.

To realize this, the ACD members must take initiatives in promoting, maintaining, reconstructing, and managing healthy occlusion for the nationals in everyday clinical practice and also train up dentists amongst the members, so that they will be able to meet their requests and expectation. Also, young dental professionals of ACD, I hope, will lead the next generation of dentistry. In order to achieve this, we need to provide attractive future visions, so we are looking to establish educational and training framework and opportunities.

Now in the dental community more dynamic have been the collaborative work and communication between basic research and clinical practice, clinical practitioner and research institute, dentistry and medicine, and amongst various study groups. As a result, the particularities and uniqueness of each group have been weakened, and the hedge between the groups has been lowered. Every stakeholder in the dental community seems to be facing more or less in the same direction. The ACD can and should be the driving force in pushing forward this trend and present the bright future in Japanese dentistry. The role each fellow member needs to assume may be expanded due to collaborative work with medicine, communication with the regulatory authorities, provision of information to the media, etc. We share the spirit of gOne for all, all for oneh, famous words in Japanese rugby (though originally from Dumasf gThe Three Musketeersh). I hope that every member contributes to the Academy may also learn and benefit from it; and to achieve this, we have to augment the link between the headquarters and the branches, lend our ears to branch members, and operate in such a way that each member can take pride in partaking.

While respecting and learning from our forerunners, we as an association must grow with the needs of the society. Only persistent effort facilitates break-through in any field. By invigorating dental and oral clinical practice, we hope to enliven the Japanese society.