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特定非営利活動法人 日本顎咬合学会

- 36th Anniversary Meeting -

Hideaki Ueda, President
Japan Academy of Clinical Dentistry
The main theme of the coming 36th Academy Meeting is "True Gnathology: Shine in your practice - Enlivenment of Dentistry by Upgrading Clinical Ability"
We have stipulated "True Gnathology" as next 5 year's agenda, succeeding "Neo-Gnathology" propounded in 2012, in the hope of our fellow members involvement and every day effort in communicating cordiality of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry (ACD) with the nationals. In order to achieve this, it is imperative that we acquire and keep up with the best of clinical practice, and I expect young dental professionals of ACD to step up and lead the next generation of the dental sphere.

As for this year's program, Prof. Avishai Sadan (Dean, Herman Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC) will take the rostrum as a special lecturer. Other sessions include but are not limited to the public forum (open to non-members and the public, free of charge) themed on "Periodontal Disease and Systemic Diseases," recent topics such as "Oral Frail," and table clinics with focus on basic dental treatment for young clinicians, in other words, full of valuable lectures and presentations directly related to day-to-day clinical practice. Also many young and energetic dentists will step up to the stage, so if you have not attended recent annual meetings, there may be an unforeseeable harvest.

When participating in the academy meeting, listening to the lectures by prominent dental professionals is valuable, but of equal or greater importance is presenting through posters and practice. This helps you redefine and recognize significance of participation in this association and objectively appraise the objective and mission of dental care in your own terms, which in turn will lead to improvement of daily clinical practice. We must continue to educate ourselves on various clinical issues and catch up with scientific updates, and as one of the biggest dental clinicians' associations in Japan and arguably the most diverse one, the Academy of Clinical Dentistry is an invaluable platform for continuing education.

In the current dental communities there are consistent and lively interactions between basic and applied research and clinical practice, private practitioners and research institutes, the dental and the medical, and among various study groups. As such, most of the groups do not stand peerless, and barriers among different groups have been eliminated or lowered-perhaps, positive dispositions are shared in the dental community in Japan. As in ACD all the stakeholders facing in the same direction and working in harmony, I have utmost confidence in the brighter future of dental communities and forthcoming brilliant dental practice in Japan.

Last but not least, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to the directors, program committee members, and meeting secretariat, who have made utmost efforts to plan, design, and prepare the program for the last two years.

All directors look forward to seeing you at the Tokyo International Forum.

Hideaki Ueda, President, Academy of Clinical Dentistry

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