The Academy of Clinical Dentistry

Greetings from Akira UEHAMA







Akira Uehama, President
Akira Uehama

It is my pleasure to be greeting you as the 13th President of the Academy of Clinical Dentistry. My name is Akira Uehama.

I am amazed when I think of the substantial responsibilities that I have taken on as the President of this Academy. I hope that moving forward, I will be able to gain your understanding, as well as your cooperation, toward the development of our Academy.

Founded by Dr. Sumiya Hobo, the Academy of Clinical Dentistry is now Japanfs largest organization of dental clinicians in Japan, with 8,642 members (as of August 2016). Our member specialists (dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists) are working hard every day on clinical, preventative, and awareness-raising activities.

I am thankful to the past presidents and board members who have taken on the lofty spirit of Dr. Hobo and developed the Academyfs activities thus far.

Clinical dentistry deals with dissection, tissue, physiology, and pathology related to the stomatognathic system. Since our founding it has been defined as a science based on testing (examination), diagnosis, and treatment plans that primarily focused on the treatment of the stomatognathic system. That said, in recent years we have been expanding our activities from areas conventionally handled by dentistry and into oral medicine, including biochemistry, nutrition, and regenerative medicine.

In 2012, under the leadership of former President Takashi Watanabe, our Academy approved a five-year mid-term plan, entitled, gThe New Science of Occlusion.h

Allow me to highlight some edited comments from former President Takashi Watanabe on this plan:
gThe two wheels of eThe New Science of Occlusionf are medical care for children and the elderly. We set this as the mid-term theme for the next five years during the 31st Annual Meeting, with the goal of widely communicating to the general public the importance of chewing. The aim of eThe New Science of Occlusionf is to communicate that for infants and children, correct oral cavity functions are a lifelong treasure; that even if oral cavity functions are unfortunately lost, they can be recovered with correct treatment; and that for the elderly, the recovery of oral cavity functions is the most important issue for the maintenance of their overall health. I believe that the achievement of that aim will demonstrate just how large the role to be played by dentistry in the medical field is, and promote medical and dental care collaborations.h

We have received high praise from within Japan and abroad for our focused projects under the five-year mid-term plan on gThe New Science of Occlusionh established for the 30th anniversary of our establishment.

Over the next two years that I will serve as president, I want to double down our efforts on gThe New Science of Occlusion.h Such work enables people to enjoy maintained and increasing health and happiness over the course of their lives through delicious food, chewing, and eating. Our continued efforts will further the promotion of longer lives through the oral health created by gThe New Science of Occlusionh projects.

In 2017, we will reach the 35th anniversary of our Academy. I intend to promote an gocclusion and chewing revolutionh through our next five-year mid-term plan. Fundamental to the idea that oral health is the basis for a long life is the ability to chew and eat over the course of that life. I want to develop a movement that can help the people of this country learn about that, understand it, and experience it for themselves.

The specialist members of our Academy (our dentists, dental technicians, and dental hygienists) bear the responsibility of informing the public about this concept and carrying out clinical dentistry over the life course of patients on the frontlines of clinical work. Dental specialists enable the public to enjoy health and happiness over the course of their lives.

Moving forward, we will promote further collaborations with medical specialists, nursing care specialists, and the food industry.

Through our gocclusion and chewing revolution,h I want to develop activities that will make it possible to create a healthy Japan that is the happiest place in the world to be born, raised, educated, work, and grow old in.

In order to achieve that, it is important that members foster, maintain, rebuild, and manage sound occlusion by the public. This is the basis of the role that I believe our Academy must play.

The personal training and lifelong learning sessions conducted for our member specialists by our Academy are vital for the realization of that goal.

We will further enhance the three pillars of our academic efforts (academic conferences, journals, and certification projects). I think it is important to collaborate with all Academy branches to that end.

We intend to develop and present a new and attractive vision of the future to the young dental specialists of the next generation. It is important that we construct a clinical education and training system that can do that.

I would appreciate it if all of our supervising physicians would work hard to produce more certified physicians. In addition, I hope that those who have already received certification will continue to aim to improve themselves, and strive for HP official certification that they can proudly present to the public.

I believe that such efforts will have the effect of getting more members of the public to visit certified and supervising physicians, and that this will enable them to experience the goals of our Academy first hand. In doing so, I believe they will come to appreciate us (fostering, rebuilding, maintaining, and managing oral health for long lives alongside treatments over the life course of patients).

Japan is home to the most diverse food culture and cuisine in the entire world. I believe that by helping the people of Japan understand the importance of occlusion and chewing, by having dental specialists foster, maintain, rebuild and manage issues over the life course of patients, and by sympathizing with patients, we will come to be trusted and respected, and we will be able to lead rich lives as dental specialists.

Occlusion and chewing is the source of lifelong health. I want to continue to develop efforts to contribute to the idea that oral health is the basis for longevity.

Note: The gocclusion and chewing revolutionh
Before we chew something, the brain confirms that it is food, and while we are chewing it, it transmits information about its changing mechanically receptive properties (toughness / size), temperature, flavor, and so on. The brain makes use of that information, increases blood flow, and this in turn encourages stable swallowing. This is the true nature of chewing.

I believe it is important that the dental specialists of this Academy help the public to recognize the importance of chewing and eating throughout their lifetimes, and provide them with sound occlusion and healthy chewing.

Sound occlusion lies at the basis of chewing. It is important the members of this Academy reconfirm how the fostering, maintenance, management, and rebuilding of sound occlusion are deeply involved with lifetime health. Armed with that knowledge, I hope that everyone will take a new viewpoint on clinical dentistry, carry out your roles from that viewpoint, and achieve the treatment and prevention outcomes of living healthy and happy lives. This is the true nature of the gocclusion and chewing revolution.h